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Jake Miller Reveals Some Exciting News

Jake Miller is ready to do everything bigger and better in 2018 and it’s all starting with his next tour.

This week, Miller stopped by the iHeart Now radio show with Elvis Duran and opened up about what’s next for him, and from the sounds of it next year is going to be big — and full of a lot of newness from the artist. In fact, the “Can’t Help Myself” singer is heading back on tour this spring and we are so ready for it.

“April. I will have a new album out by then,” Miller told iHeart Now’s host Elvis Duran about when his tour will start. “The whole set will be different.”

In addition to the entire set being different on his upcoming Hit and Run Tour, the “Can’t Help Myself” singer’s plans to switch up how the show goes and what happens within the performance.

“I’m going to have to figure out a really creative way to make this tour bigger and better, which I always find some way to do. Lights and smoke, and some confetti,” he joked. “Ya, but I’ll have a whole album out by then and I’m really excited.”

While the singer’s next album isn’t going to be out this year, it does give fans something to look forward to next year. When the next record does drop it will be Miller’s third studio album following his 2017 release of 2:00am in LA, which was his first self-released album, and clearly it won’t be the last.


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