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White Rivers Jadice Morrison ready to ROLE...

Can ya just feel the buildup as high school basketball gets ready to tip all across South Dakota tonight? One of the featured games on Channel 93 tonight will be that of the Jones County Coyotes coming to White River tonight to take on a youngish but talented squad.

One of the things that is a real pleasure to watch the MAESTRO, Eldon Marshall coach is how he gets players to accept their roles and contribute in a way that best suits the team.

Only two seniors on the roster this year, Donnie Yackley and John Petrik. Yackley gets to the rim as well as anyone in Class B and Petrik exemplifies the team player guy as someone who does a little bit of everything, sometimes stuff that doesn't just show up in the box score.

While much has been made of a this up-and-coming uber talented sophomore class, somehow it seems that White River junior Jadice Morrison's name doesn't come up as often as it should/will. Older brother Justice carried the torch a year ago and has taken his talents to Dakota Wesleyan, and now, the younger Morrison brother will likely see his role expand as an upperclassman in the White River machine.

Really cerebral player is Jadice Morrison and he's been doing whatever has been asked of him since his freshman season. Defense, assists, scoring when called upon, rebounds, cheerleader. We chatted with Jadice a bit this morning and he offered this on the upcoming season.

"I think my game grown a lot over the summer... Had to fill in for justice on both sides of the floor... It's going to be a very fun season," Jadice Morrison said.

Tonight's season opener is the only game the Tigers will see before they hit the floor at Lakota Nation as the No. 3 seed where they take on Standing Rock.

Top-4 seeds at LNI:

1. Red Cloud

2. Pine Ridge

3. White River

4. Crow Creek

Basketball is here, let the games begin.


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