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Espinoza's double-double powers TC boys past Valentine

Looking over the stats from last night's Todd County game and a number of things jumped off the page from Rashad Shannon's crew winning the first game of the season, 71-52 in Valentine Nebraska.

David Espinoza - Leading scorer and rebounder for Todd County last night with 21 points and 11 rebounds...What caught my attention was that of the 11 rebounds, eight of them were offensive....That's active baby!

Todd County shot 47 percent from the field....Couple guys didn't miss

* Jacob Wike - the wrestler turned basketball player...1-1 (pretty left-hand layup HIGH off the glass after he had beaten a defender

* Bryce Hammer - 2-2 on the night, finished with 7 points (sophomore)

* Kaine Redfish - 4-4 on the night, the freshman finished with 8 points

Todd County 12 turnovers on the night: Listen, as these Falcon boys head into the season, ya gotta think having just 12 turnovers in their first game is a decent sign that this group will take care of the ball.

Aiden Bizardie - 7 assists - Wasn't the Todd County junior's best shooting night (6-20) 15 points, but you start getting your teammates involved and good things happen. As a team, todd County had 16 assists

Steals: As a team Todd County had 14 steals...Quick guys Bryce Hammer and Mark Rogers had 4 and 3 respectively for the Falcons.

Bench points - Primeaux is PRIMO...Nice effort last night from Tyre Primeaux who finished with 10 points and a couple of made 3-pointers in the second period that kept TC's lead in double digits.

Scoring for TC: Primeaux 10, Jacob Wike 3, Mark Rogers 5, Bryce Hammer 8, Kaine Redfish 8, Aiden Bizardie 15, Trent Poignee 2, David Espinoza 21


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