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Crusader, Albers closing in on degree from Dakota State

Former Red Cloud prep Falcon Albers closing in on his degree in Exercise Science

As we head toward Lakota Nation I wanted to stop and give some props to a former Lakota Nation athlete that took the road less traveled and is now on the verge of getting a degree from Dakota State University.

Had a nice visit with Pentagon Director of Basketball Operations, Allan Bertram the other day. We yacked about a lot of things in South Dakota and he told me a story about former Red Cloud player Falcon Albers.

It seems that after graduating from Red Cloud that Mr. Albers kinda floated around for a minute. Not sure what to do with his life and not having school and basketball in his everyday existence, Mr. Albers was going down a path of not maximizing his full potential.

And so, as Mr. Bertram ran into Albers one day while the former Crusader was working the pair got to chatting and Bertram asked him what he was doing with his life.

After visiting for a bit, Mr. Bertram said, "Let me make a call."

Well, that call turned into Alberts getting to college. I personally don't know all of the details, BUT, after playing at Presentation College in Aberdeen a year ago, the former Crusader transferred to Dakota State where he is listed as a senior who is studying 'Exercise Science.'

Loved hearing about a young person that had the guts to get back to college and continue his love of sports and ultimately to GET THAT EDUCATION.

While the road Albers traveled was bumpy and a road that few are courageous enough to tackle, the end result is that hard work and dedication pays off.

Well done SIR.

Couldn't mention Dakota State without at least giving junior F, Justin Folkers a few props. The former White River prep had 24 points and 8 rebounds in an upset win over Jamestown on Dec. 1. Can't find per game averages but last time I checked it was like 16-18 per game....That's freaking awesome!!

A lot of great stories about to unfold as the 2017 Lakota Nation Invitational gets underway Wednesday.

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