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Remarkable student/athletes come from the Rosebud

As we all get ready to descend upon Rapid City for this week's Lakota Nation Invitational, really wanted to mention some of the exceptional young people that are coming from the Rosebud and doing amazing things.

Luta Fast Dog - St. Francis Indian School - This 2017 St. Francis Indian School graduate is just completing her first semester at YALE. How about that? Her Facebook profile post has a little caption that says, "Beat Harvard" and then in small print it says (Like we did last year).

Foster Cournoyer-Hogan - Todd County Foster just returned to the Rosebud from his first semester at Stanford. If you knew Foster when he was a ninth grader, you could never imagine him talking to more than one person, let alone attending something like a RAVE that he shared with us on Facebook. His Cover photo shows a wide open South Dakota from the viewpoint of his vehicle. The only things on the dashboard are a ROSE and some SAGE. Grounded and thriving as a Stanford Cardinal.

Rachel Astleford - White River - Not sure if a lot of people know or appreciate what Astleford, the junior is doing on the South Dakota state track program. A so-so thrower in high school, Astleford has worked her tail off in the shot put and javelin for the Jackrabbits. Very close to the school record in the javelin and throws the shot-put over 42 feet. Young lady has gone from so-so to a contender in multiple events at Summit League Championships.....That's awesome.

Bryant Burnette - Todd County

And so, as we all turn our attention to Lakota Nation, I want to make sure that people take a breather from basketball and go check out the 'other' events. Can't wait to see Todd County junior Bryant Burnette on the Quiz Bowl team.

A lot of people know Burnette as the Todd County football team's starting quarterback. Brunette had a great junior season, his first full season of EVER playing quarterback.

A lot of people know Burnette from his baseball and football exploits, some might remember a decent freshman season of running track for Todd County.

Few outside of the school, realize the goals and vision this young man has.

Pretty heavy course load for the first semester of his junior year.

Chem II

College English

Spanish II

AP Calculus

What does Burnette want to do with all those TUFF courses? Todd County Principal George Shipley said Burnette has already started the process to go to the Naval Academy.

Good luck to all of our Lakota Nation participants and of course good luck to all the college students that are sticking it out and GETTING THAT DIPLOMA.

#ToddCountyFalcons #StFrancisWarriors #WhiteRiverTigers

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