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Rapid City rolls out the red carpet for Lakota Nation Invitational

A very nice effort yesterday from the Rapid City Police Dept. and the city of Rapid City as a lot of folks welcomed the Lakota Nation participants with open arms. Borrowed this video from St. Francis Indian School Elementary Principal Dani Walking Eagle as Assistant Chief of Police, Don Hedrick laid out a nice welcome, in LAKOTA nonetheless to all those coming to Rapid City. Weather you notice any blemishes in his delivery or that he's reading a bit from a card, it likely took this man a long time to learn all that he said in Lakota. Someone had to teach him that, AND, this man spent a lot of time working on that delivery.

As Hedrick pointed out the participants in Lakota Nation were welcomed into the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and give the opportunity to walk the Red Carpet, an actual RED CARPET on their way into the team banquet events of Tuesday night.

Check out some of the police cars for Rapid City dressed up for the event. Some nice stylings, traditional but artistic stylings that suggest Rapid City and the Rapid City PD spent some money and spent some time trying to work on a better welcome to Rapid City.

I think pretty much everyone that might read this is familiar with some of the issues and problems regarding how Native Americans are received in Rapid City. One the last two months, with LNI approach I, Rich Winter have had the opportunity to visit with Dani Walking Eagle and TC Athletic Director Chuck Wilson. Both are on the LNI Board and both have suggested that Rapid City is really trying to embrace this event.

So far, so good!

Let the games begin!!

The Lakota Nation games will be live streamed on Channel 93....

Share this link - AROUND so people have an idea of where they can find the games.

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