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Lakota Nations leading scorer made 90 percent of his free throws

When the dust had settled following an explosive four games at Lakota Nation, Todd County junior, Aiden Bizardie received a plate in honor of him being the tournament's leading scorer with 94 points.

And a lot of those points came from the free-throw line where Bizardie canned 28-31 (90 percent) for the tournament.

Vs. Lower Brule 4-4

Vs. Standing Rock 8-9

Vs. Omaha Nation 11-11

Vs. Little Wound 5-7

Keep an eye on Bizardie who has scored 832 points thus far in his Todd County career.

Keep an eye on Todd County freshman, Kaine Redfish....

Heading into the season, Todd County coach Rashad Shannon noted that one of the keys to Todd County being successful was having the 6-2 frosh, Kaine Redfish, "Grow up in a hurry"

Check the stat lines for Redfish at Lakota Nation

Vs. Lower Brule 6 points, 9 rebounds

Vs. Standing Rock 11 points 8 rebounds

Vs. Omaha Nation 5 points and 1 rebounds

Vs. Little Wound 7 points, 8 rebounds (5 offensive)

7 points 8 rebounds (5 offensive) vs. Little Wound

The Falcons are at home Saturday with a TUFF matchup against Red Cloud


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