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Six Lakota Nation 'SHIPS' in 11 years for the White River Tigers

Caught an interesting Facebook Post just before White River took the court for their Lakota Nation championship with Crow Creek. It seems that White River has been coming to the Lakota Nation Invitational now for 11 years.

After their overtime win over Crow Creek on Saturday, out of 11 years they've bee to the dance, they have now won 6 SHIPS.

That's just ridiculously impressive!

One thing I hate/love about White River is it is damn hard to get stats for the guys. Every now and then they show up in a Rapid City Journal or Mitchell Daily Republic story, but, for the most part, I just can't find them. Seems like stats aren't the driving force behind what White River does.

Had I not been looking, would not have seen that White River coach Eldon Marshall won his 300th game the other day. It wasn't celebrated at Lakota Nation, it was celebrated at home, with friends and the TIGER family.

Awesome accomplishment so Congrats to Coach Marshall and the Tiger Family.

Alright, so earlier in the week the basketball polls for South Dakota were released. These polls are voted on by the South Dakota media, most of which resides in the eastern part of the state. Over the years White River usually gets the nod from these 'experts' and are typically ranked in the top-5.

Even after plowing through a loaded, mostly Class A bracket at Lakota nation and improving to 5-0, the Tigers aren't in the top-5, YET!

Class B

1. Bridgewater-Emery (20) 1-0 119 1

2. Clark/Willow Lake (5) 3-0 102 2

3. Sully Buttes 2-0 66 3

4. Irene-Wakonda 2-1 35 4

T-5. Canistota 2-0 20 T-5

T-5. Langford Area 3-0 20 T-5

Receiving votes: White River 8, Warner 3, Corsica-Stickney 1, Sanborn Central/Woonsocket 1.

Oops, make that 6-0 as the Tigers defeated Kadoka on Thursday night, 77-53. (Stats not available)

Next up, St. Francis on Jan. 5 and then onto the Jones County Tournament where I'm guessing a hungry Tigers squad is looking to hoist that trophy AGAIN, after falling to Colome in the final a year ago.


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