Girl power – Summer Lunderman and Buffy (Whipple) Grimshaw – SF vs. TC – The Rivalry remembered

While Todd County, 6-2, enter the Warrior Dome Saturday to take on the 2-6 St. Francis Warriors, a rivalry that runs deep with passion and a history of talented players will be rekindled. Over the years of living in Mission, I’ve often heard people refer to Buffy Whipple as being a great player. Now Buffy Grimshaw and living in Rapid City with a freshman daughter on the St. Thomas More PROGRAM, Whipple-Grimshaw took time from her busy week to share a few thoughts on THEE rivalry. Also, over the years, have had the opportunity to visit with Summer Lunderman a number of times. Always love hearing her talk about the team from St. Francis that made it to the state tournament in 1996.

Here are their thoughts and memories leading up to the big game on Saturday:

Buffy-Whipple-Grimshaw: There was quite a rivalry between St. Francis and Todd County girls basketball. We both wanted to beat each other so bad. That’s what I remember. They were tough with Nicole Emery and Toy Lunderman and a great bench. We would come out on top because of the amazing teammates and coaches I had. Just writing this brings back so many memories of being a proud TC athlete. My favorite palyer at that time was Suanne Big Crow. There was nobody like her. I played against her once and she drove the ball and knocked the wind out of me. They killed us, that was predicted. There was no place like the basketball court in those days, it was magical!!

Summer Lunderman: In 1996, Lunderman’s junior year, the Lady Warriors of St. Francis won the Lakota Nation Invitational, and they entered the State tournament where they ended up fourth. In the semis of that state tournament, SF hooked up with Wagner, who had a player named Mandy Koupal, who went on to become the leading scorer in the history of the University of South Dakota.

(Lunderman remembers some of the players on her team…apologize if there are any misspellings) – Summer Lunderman, Alyssa Eagleman, Leanna Marshall, Margo White Hat, Letha Horse Looking….Candace Metcalf, Christa Metcalf, Sunni Prue, Christina Marshall, Jimmy Jo Waln, Lashaun Horse Looking and Cheyenne Marshall.

“We started in seventh grade, kind of when Red was hired as MS coach,” Lunderman said. “He just recognized he had a good group of girls and he stayed with us until we graduated. Red was hired as the SF varsity coach when I was an 8th grader and he took some of us up to the varsity level where we got to play.”

Several times I’ve had the pleasure of visiting with Lunderman about one of the best post players in the history of the SF vs. TC rivalry….6-foot-1, Letha Horse Looking. Always get chills when Lunderman talks about her big girl in the paint.

“I’ve never seen a true post player that had the game Letha had. She stayed in the lane and she had such a commanding presence,” Lunderman said. “Her attitude, she brought 100 percent to every game. When we did sprints she was up with the guards. She put everything into her game. She was a forse down there.”