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Mission, SD – The Rosebud Economic Development Corporation (REDCO)

is pleased to announce a micro-grant opportunity for enrolled Rosebud tribal members who will be entering college or technical school for the first time in the fall. The micro-grants are for $2,500 each with the purpose of investing in the future and to assist students with first time higher education costs.

For the last three years, REDCO made a profit and the organization continues to break revenue records. As REDCO’s profit increases, the opportunity for community impact grows. Wizipan Little Elk, REDCO CEO said, “We are in the business of creating a better life for our people. One way we can do this is by encouraging young people to get an education, so they can help their communities.” Through the creation of this grant, REDCO is encouraging education and workforce development.

Sicangucorp - Grants

Applications can be found online and include four short answer questions. For more information and to apply, visit The application deadline is September 30th.


REDCO is a chartered corporation owned by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and managed by an

independent Board of Directors for the purpose of generating revenue for the Tribe and

promoting economic development. Through business management and development, policy

development, and community development, REDCO works to create employment, strengthen the local economy, and provide self-sufficiency for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate. For more information please call (605) 856-8400.

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