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Sicangu Elders and Families Staying Active and Healthy at 33rd Annual Elder Games

After two weeks of steady rain, the skies cleared long enough for the 33rd

Annual Elder Games to take place at the excellently prepared old track field at St. Francis Indian School. Families, friends and advocates again came together to honor Eiders on Tribal Elder Day, at the same location where the event has been held since its inception 33 years ago.

The event opened with a traditional prayer by Wayne Bear Shield, followed by a prayer by Mother Lauren and welcoming comments by Ann Roubideaux, Sicangu Elderly Concerns Board president, and Charlee Archambault, Elder Games Committee member, also representing St Francis Indian School.

The Elder Games remains possible because of the efforts of volunteers and the support and donations of local individuals, businesses and programs, including Elderly Nutrition, Elderly Affairs, and St Francis Indian School. Appreciation for the presence of Rosebud Ambulance Service and Rosebud Police Dept. for looking after Tribal Elders cannot be overestimated.

Welcome additions to the annual event were the Community Health Reps and the Circle of Life Home Care programs. Both provided health screenings, including blood pressure checks as well as access to additional services for Elders.

A high light of the Elder games has always been the arrival of the White River Nursing Home lift vans. Watching volunteers happily escort residents in the wheel chair races and to the podium to receive their Olympic medals and special recognitions has always brought smiles to all present.

Another goal of Sicangu Elderly Concerns has been to promote positive relationships between Elders and youth, thereby encouraging generational continuity. A heartwarming moment occurred later in the afternoon during the Shinney Game, when, as participating youth were being reminded of the comparisons between the way the game is played, traditional values and day to day life. It was during one of those moments when the drum group sponsored by the RST Child Care Development/La-nguage Preservation Program began to sing, honoring both Elders and Youth involved in a traditional activity. It was one of those spontaneous moments that could not be ignored. The drum group also provided a dancing presentation featuring Patrick Star, a sponge bob character, for the enjoyment of all present. Afterwards, a traditional meal prepared by Judy Roubideaux was provided for all present certificates and medals were presented to all participants and volunteers, as well as honoring gifts to participants and advocates. Of particular note was the recognition of Eugene Iron Shell, sr. and Theresa Sharpfish, both in their 80's and longtime participants of the Elder Games.

All sponsors are presented Elder Games certificates. People are encouraged to shop locally where you see those certificates posted and thank them for their support of the Elder Games.

The Elder Games a truly intergenerational event with ages present ranging from toddler to 80 +, reminding all that, those positive relationships formed with a "good hearted Elder" can remain positively influential throughout one's life Elders are reminded to keep moving and stay socially engaged, avoiding a life style of pushing remote buttons, and to get out and enjoy fresh air.

The results of this year's Elder Games are listed below by age group then alphabetically within that group. Places are awarded for each event, within each age group.

33rd Annual Elder Games Results

(listed by age group, then alphabetically within that group)

Eugene Iron Shell, sr.

James Neiss

Roy Spotted War Bonnet

60 69

Patrick Bird Head

Ralph Eagleman

Delmer Forgets Nothing

Mike Knox

James Stoneman

50 59

Wayne Bear Shield

Casper Brave Bird

Pat Horse Looking

Steve Leader Charge

50 yd walk 1 st

100 yd walk 1 st

1/4 mi walk 1 st

50 yd walk

100 yd walk 2 nd

1/4 mi walk 2 nd

50 yd walk 1 st

100 yd walk 1 st 1/4 mi walk 1 st

wheel chair race - I SE

50 yd walk 2 nd

100 yd walk 3 rd

1/4 mi walk 2 nd

50 yd walk - 1 st 100 yd walk - R.U. 100 yd walk 2nd 100 yd walk - 1 st

50 yd walk 100 yd walk - 2 nd R.o.

wheel chair race - 1 st

100 yd walk 1 st R.U.

50 yd walk— 2 nd REIJ. 1/4 mi walk- R.U.

Gary Moore

50 yd walk 1 st

100 yd walk 1 st

1/4 mi walk 1 sÍ

Webster Running

50 yd walk

100 yd walk 3 rd

1/4 mi walk 2nd

Serge Van Neck


50 yd walk .1*t Rall

100 yd walk 2 nd

1/4 mi walk 3 rd

Theresa Sharpfish

70 - 79 d

50 yd wafl< 1 st

100 yd walk - 1 st

1/4. mi walk. 1 st

Vi Colombe

50 yd walk- 1 st

100 yd walk 1 st

1/4 mi walk 1 st

Julie Emery

50 yd walk 2 nd

100 yd walk- 2 nd

Winnie Hairy Shirt

50 yd walk R.U

Lenora Kills Enemy

wheel chair race - 2 nd

Melva Kills Enemy

wheel chair race - 1 st

Ann Roubideaux

60 -69 .

50 yd walk - 3 rd

100 yd walk 3 rd

Dolly Bear Shield

100 yd walk - 3 rd

1/4 mi walk — 1 st

Nellie Eagleman

1/4 mi walk - 3 rd Tie

Phyllis Eagleman

50 yd walk 3 rd 100 yd walk - 2 nd ih mi walk 3 rd Tie

Carmen Eagle Pipe

50 yd walk 1 st

100 yd walk 1st

Bonnie Janis

wheel chair race


Debra Plenty Horse

50 yd walk 2 nd

Dcdy Weller

50 yd

IOO yd

1/4. mi walk 2nd

Rose Winters

50 yd walk 2 nd RAJ,

100 yd RAJ.

Charlee Archambault

50 yd walk 1 st

Dolly Bauer

100 yd walk 1 st

1/4 mi walk 1 st

Lisa Bear Shield

50 yd walk 3 rd

100 yd walk - 3rd

Evelyn Good Shield

1/4 mi walk - 2 nd

Alma Faye Rabbit

50 yd walk -

100 yd walk 2nd

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